It may be a brand new movie project for Penelope Cruz on their way! It still not confirmed at this point. Personaly I hope it will be true and we will see Penelope in another remarkable performance.

Penelope Cruz , world famous actress, known from the movies “Vanilla Sky”, “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” or “Pirates of the Caribbean”, is set to play a Polish heroine, a secret agent of the Polish underground army,  Krystyn Skarbek – this sensational, unofficial news reported made by “Super Express”. Maria Nurowska , the author of the book Skarbek, has reportedly been working on the film , she reportedly chose Penelope Cruz for her role. Although Nurowska has not confirmed that a secret agent will play the Hollywood star, but also did not deny and noted that the official information about the film should be expected between Christmas and New Year.

At the beginning of September at the Television Theater took place premiere of the play about Krystyna Skarbek , whose main role was played by Małgorzata Kożuchowska . Nurowska, in her indecent words, commented on her performance, claiming that Kozuchowska (Polish actress) completely did not fit Skarbek’s image. In the play, her story was falsified, and the secret agent was misrepresented as a prostitute. Although the role of Krystyna Skarbek, who acted under the pseudonym Christine Granville during wartime, was a big dream for Kożuchowska, it is hard to expect that she has any chance to participate in a feature film. In turn, involvement in the film Penelope Cruz would certainly serve to popularize Polish history and to spread knowledge about Krystyna Skarbek itself. We keep our fingers crossed!